Leads converged ICT in Korea with innovation.
Business Introduction
Leads business by providing total solution of hardware and software based on ICT to each industry division to result in overall benefits.
Energy IT
New Convergence Business
Does not only pursue after wealth. Strives toward a community where valuable lives can be shared with thoughts and realizations.
Network Solution
Provides overall service such as the most efficient communication infrastructure consulting and design, proposals, and constructions based on long time experience and know-hows.
Network Solution Provides customized infrastructure and solution to users based on excellent technic and successful experience. Syszone has a professionalism that successfully carried out various NI businesses, It carried out various corporate, public and governmental NI businesses and holds experience and know-hows on communication business. created responsibility within deadlines through WBS based detailed schedule management and pursued perfection in each business through conspicuous after check. experienced mass-size customer network and holds professional PM / technical personnel.
Foundation Stone The business heaquarter carries out the role of foundation stone to pursue the customer-value priority of Syszone and realize members' values. By providing the best solution for all customers' needs for high quality communication network, Syszone will become the headstone of customer network.
Logistics solution
Provides innovative cargo transportation solution for workers to improve labor depending working condition.
Leads future beyond the development of logistics transportation device. SPC(Smart power carrier) can be used easily anywhere including retail market, logistics centers, harbors or ports, and is a cargo equipment for workers that could contribute to workers' welfare and efficiency.
The development of logistics devices Smart Power Carrier, an electric handcar developed to reduce fatigue, protect illnesses due to repeated labor pattern, and improvement of logistics devices
Focused Propels various logistics solution businesses. Syszone not only supplies devices but also provides Total Solution which meets customers' needs from equipments to softwares.
IoT Solution
Based on ICT technology, we provide solutions such as smart solution and gateways that combine IoT and big data technologies.
Convergence Syszone is conducting various IoT business. We provide a total solution that meets the needs of end customers, from solution and smartphone apps to gateways for linking legacy equipment and server platforms. LEARN MORE
Big Data & AI Solution
It is a line-up dedicated to artificial intelligence and big data, and provides a platform that is most suitable for big data learning and professional analysis through a one-stop education solution.
AUOSMS Solution
It is a new concept unmanned order sales management system “AUOSMS(Ai Unmanned Ordering Sales Management System)” based on AI and big data and using kiosk and smartphone app.
Connect SYSZONE connects people and industry with technology. We provide more convenient and faster ordering services using kiosks and smartphone apps. SYSZONE provides solutions that meet the needs of its customers using big data technology and artificial intelligence technology. SYSZONE supports the successful sales of small business owners. LEARN MORE
R & D
The researchers at Syszone prepares for better future with thoughts of the connection between industry and people. Syszone has contributed to Korean industry by developing numerous wired / wireless devices. It also leads revolution in ICT convergence by ceaselessly challenging into new fields.
Research Field
IoT Solution
Logistics Solution
Transmit / Network Device
IoT Solution control, IoT/M2M device, port IoT solution, remote status reading and beacon solution Logistics Solution SPC(Smart power carrier), Advanced Container Solution Transmit / Network Device voiced ~ PDH/SDH/OTN based small / medium / large MUX, L2/L3 Switch and Packet Transport Networks termination device
Research Goal
Core Technology
AI, Big Data
App, Platform
Wired wireless transmission
Logistics device