The past and footprints
Chief Executive Officer
Pursues creative and collaborative vision. With talented managers and developed organization culture, Syszone advances technology, produces original products and fosters innovative ideas to improve clients' lifestyles.
ceo Jeong, Chan-won 정찬원 The Chief Executice Officer of Syszone Syszone aims to contribute to the society by creating human-oriented future. With its technology based on ICT and service solution, it increases the efficiency of each industry and provides higher level of technology microscopically, and provides benefits to members of industry macroscopically and prepare a better future of human society. In order to prepare for such future, Syszone lives with passion, loves without fear, learns with humbleness and runs today with the principle to prepare for eternal expectations. Jeong, Chan-won, the CEO of Syszone founded Syszone and manages the overall company as well as leads the network business of Syszone. He also is a leading force in converging ICT business.
Syszone differentiates each division to develop expertise
Networks Business Unit Creates the foundation of quaternary industry with high quality network solution.
IT Business Unit Leading industrial innovation by providing innovative benefits through various convergence IT services.
R&D Center Challenges unknown areas ceaselessly and leads a converged ICT revolution.
Technical Support Unit Strives towards client value realization with professionalism, perfection and reliability.
Management Support Unit Prepares and conducts visions and strategies for the best corporate value.
Company History
Starting with high capacity transmission network business, Syszone deployed various businesses such as logistics devices, energy IT solution and IoT solution to make its way towards a first-class ICT corporate in Korea.
Seoulmetro Line 8 train wireless system improvement project order Kakao Pay 10G dedicated line construction order Hyundai Autoever Infra DX Service Dedicated Network Construction Order KT large-capacity OLT/5G/intelligent transmission network facility construction contract Acquired patent for "learning-based message data management" Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Courier Sub-terminal Digital Tweet Project Won order for cold chain service platform and digital twin business from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Supplied driver's drowsiness detection device to the kotsa
KRA Exclusive Network Construction Project PCCW leased line construction project Received order for electric truck CET service development project using big data Launched unmanned order sales management solution 'AUOSMS' Won order for logistics resource tracking device and intelligent port IoT gateway business from Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
Acquired patent for "Electric Cart, Smart Power Carrier" Started mass production of Dangerous goods transport vehicle location control Received order for Port IoT platform from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Sejong "KT 5G dualization equipment purchase and construction business" order
Delivered SPC Nonghyup Hanaro Mart CEO received the Minister of Science and Technology Award Participated in 2018 International Logistics Industry Fair Won the contract for Seoul Subway Line 6 broadband communication network business
Commenced energy IT business Relocation of the factory (jeonpa-ro 62 gil 8, manan-gu, anyang-si, gyeonggi-do) Participated in 2017 International Logistics Industry Exhibition SPC(Smart Power Carrier) Wins the Korea Patent in 1H 2017 Commenced logistics business and launched SPC (smart power carrier) product
Development of control terminal for electric car Development of signal conversion device SEMUX
Network Beacon terminal and service platform development
Obtained (INNO-BIZ) certification Obtained venture business certification Selected as "Best Partner" by HUAWEI Korea in year 2014 Developed Beacon platform 2.5Gbps MSPP M2500 development
Registered factory and established branch in November Obtained ISO14001/ TL9000 environment/ quality management system certification Awarded "Hope Ondol Warm Winter" from Songpa-gu Selected "Best Partner" by HUAWEI Korea in 2013 Selected as the main supplier of transmission equipment for KT G&E division Selected as the main supplier of transmission equipment for KT G&E division by HUAWEI Establishment of Syszone research institute Relocation of the headquarter (9F, 310, Ogeum-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul) Selected as the "Best partner in N/W division" by Hyundai Auto Ever
Obtained patent for "Exhibition management and data sending system with barcode" Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification Registered as Korean software company
Registered and licensed as a member of Korea Information & om. Contractors Association Registered as a partner in KT G&E division Establishment of Syszone
Corporate Marketing
Acts out for active connection between human and industry.
Corporate Activity
The executives of Syszone share and communicate with one another. Puts human value as our priority and make present together.
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