Prepares better future with our vision and philosophy
Syszone thinks of a world where each indvidual can embrace a hopeful future together even in declining and deteriorating world. We will create an influential future on the society beyond humanity by creating and providing benefits. Syszone never ceases to produce future benefits opportunities by challenging in new fields.
"Human-oriented future" is what we desire.



Our behavior towards the future

① Objective Creates values through innovative technology,
services and convergence that enables continuous contributions to future society
② Keyword Convergence of technology, pioneering in market, valuable enterprise
③ Strategy Creative management, Strategic management, Talent management
① Based on human resources and skills Maximizes the synergy effect through the harmony of human and technology
on the principle of human resource development and technical dominance securement
② Focused on ICT convergence Develops promising businesses converging new industry with
ICT as well as create satisfactory solutions and products.
③ Service benefits to contribute to the society Contributes to the common benefits and rich lives of humanity,
and carries out the mission as the member of community


Managing Philosophy

Aims to create service benefits for
human-world connection and contribute to the society


Core Value

Utmost core values and beliefs engraved
to our minds and behaviors

① Qualified Professionals Provides conditions where talents are able to demonstrate
their skills constantly in order for constant expansion of expertise
② Aim for Supremacy Does its utmost to be world-best in every aspect with
ceaseless passion and challenge spirit
③ Lead Development Carries out pioneering and innovating for future market
promptly and actively with crisis awareness
④ Conscientious Management Pursues the right path with dignity and honor in
true knowledge, right-mindedness, and proper behavior
⑤ Contributions to Humanity Provides and contributes to the society by creating
endless future values for benefits to humanity
① Keep promise Carries out the duty and promise to counterpartners
② Complies with laws and ethics Respects individual dignity and diversity, competes justifiably in accordance with laws and business ethics, and keeps financial transparency through accurate accounting records
③ Clean organization culture Distinguishes public and private affairs rigorously in all business activities, protects and respects all intellectual properties, and creates a healthy organization atmosphere
④ Respect for customers Puts client satisfaction as the priority, pursues shareholder value oriented management and strives for improved standard of living for employees
⑤ Emphasizes environment·safety·health Pursues ecofriendly management and emphasizes the safety and welfare of humanity
⑥ Social Responsibility Carries out the basic responsibilities as corporate citizens faithfully, respects local socialㆍcultural characteristics, conducts practices for coexistence, and constructs the co-existing relationship with business partners


Managing Philosophy

Promise for leaping into a first-class company